MIdi to audio

Say ive got a bass, string ect.. from vst all sorted to how i want them,

would you lot bounce them all to AUDIO and arrange them to how they are arranged as midi?

not sure if thats a strange question lol

i think it sounds better but duno if this is just a longting



For drum hits it is a good idea to bounce the processed parts into one easy to manage audio file, but make sure you save the individual parts as seperate files so you can change or add to the arrangement if you want to.
I'd recommend to keep Basses and Strings seperate as they are to completely different elements of a track and the frequencies are massively different.
Synths are ok to layer and bounce as one for a lead.
By bouncing it also saves your processor speed on your computer to make it run a bit quicker as its not processing lots of tracks with different sounds or plug ins at once.