Midi keyboard problem


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Jul 14, 2011
I recently got midi keyboard i connected everything with midi to usb cable,and then problem appears.So every time i press key to play sound from vst instrument,that key stays pressed on instrument,and every time i press new one they also stay pressed,and i also can`t map pitch bend..i use fl8 and i use autodetect feature for midi and when i use pitch bend nothing happens,but any other key works fine..Anyone knows what might be the problem??Please help!!keyboard is mk-937..
Have you ruled out that if maybe the problem is in the digital instrument?
Yea maybe i checked that possibility,and checked every parametar and it seems that pitch wheel does not respond to midi(no midi data sent through cable)but everything else works,i red on other forum people had same problem but most of them is in Logic Pro can`t find any i fl!!
Every vst instrument i load note just stay sustained when i press it,i tried also on friend pc he has cubase same stuff happens,well i guess that only remains to check drivers maybe they are causing problems!
Check your drivers first and then check your midi settings in control panel>sounds and audio device properties. I've heard cases where Windows would keep the factory defaults instead of enabling the new gear/interface as the default.

If all else fails, perhaps contact the MIDI keyboard's manufacturer or check their website to see if they have a forum where users have posted the same problem. Sorry I'm unable to provide a better answer.

Thx for help checked everything,still don't work i hope i will figure it out,or maybe as elzerk said there is hardware prob...
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