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    So news hounds today was an eventful day so far in the news...

    Israel has stagged an assault against Lebanon.

    There has been speculation between major world powers of links between the terrorist resistance parties of Hamas & Hezbollah, located in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Lybia, Iraq and Iran. It is believed that these terrorist resistance fighters have been attempting to escalate resistance in Iraq, and stir political turmoil throughout the region. It wasn't until two Israeli sodiers were captured by a joint terrorist operation between Hezbollah and Hamas (not sure if it was a joint operation but news sites are placing claim with both of these groups). This most recent capture of Israeli troops has set Israel into a frenzy of military action. Israel has fledged forward currently carpet bombing the Beirut airport in Lebanon, and other entrances and exits to the country. At point there are 3 dead and 55 wounded civilians. Individuals in a southern Israeli called Haifa have been ordered to seek refuge in bomb shelters. "President Bush affirmed his readiness to put pressure on Israel to limit the damage to Lebanon as a result of the current military action, and to spare civilians and innocent people from harm," a statement from Lebanese officials said. (Wow how nice of Governor Bush, he will tell his cronies in Israel not to destroy too much with the airstrikes or to avoid killing innocent people on purpose. Is he suggesting collateral damage is OK as long as it is a part of "precision" military target? Why wouldn't he advise Israel to cease fire? - not like they would listen to him anyway, but it would serve to bolster public opinion about bush and his apparent thirst for mideastern blood)

    I would assume that air strikes currently continue in the Gaza region as tension there has yet to be absolved; however media attention to the current crisis in Lebanon has eclipsed media attention to the situation in Gaza.

    As you may have noticed i am trying not to take a stand on this issue as either good or bad; Nevertheless, i am greatly concerned with how major world players will involve themselves in the resolution of current Mid-Eastern tensions.