mid nineties deep + techy show tonite

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    Mar 25, 2006
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    Tune in 10 pm tonight for some of this

    1. DJ Crystl Mind games Good Looking
    2. Roni size Olive miracle White
    3. Sonar circle Us + them Reinforced
    4. Optical rmx Blanket Talkin loud
    5. Doc scott rmx shadow boxing 31 records
    6. Johnny L The bells Piranha
    7. Technical itch EKO Tech itch
    8. Optical Bounce 31 records
    9. Optical rmx simple man Ovum
    10.Ed rush The Raven Metelheadz
    11.Optical Data Life Ad Hoc
    13.The spirit neurosis Fuze
    14.Johnny L brother XL
    15.A sides the 4th dragon Fuze
    16.Johnny L intasound XL
    17.Dylan + Damage House nation Outbreak
    18.Kryptic minds Hide the tears Metelheadz