New promotional mix from myself, showcasing the deep and minimal regions of experimental drum & bass and microfunk. If you like what you hear, get in touch with me on acl.tiran@gmail.com. Any feedback is appreciated. Cheers

Oak - Mongoose
ASC - The Touch
Nuage - Day By Day
Indigo - Time
Seba - Painted Skies (Stunna Remix)
Mode - Stepping Stones
Skeptical - The Enemy
dBridge - Love Hotel
Gappa G & Lucky B - Ubiquity
Getz & Nuage - Not My Muse
Anonymi - Venturi (Jason oS Remix)
Oak - Sequence 1
Commix - Japanese Electronics (Instra:mental Remix)
Synkro - Open Arms
Synkro & Indigo - Guidance


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niiiice mix mate, enjoyed it a lot. the touch and japanese electronics are class slept on them completely, got a few of your tracks in my june mix as well. said the same of sicx's stuff, always good to hear minimal mixes on the forum. looking forward to the next!


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already this mix has lowered my heart beat a few notches. stress free working for the next hour!

first mix was really cool! that snap/snare on the touch really pokes through the mix, not in a bad way mind, just a lil louder than it could be imo.
nuage - day by day - really liked how this came in, sounds lush, really nice placement. just perfect!
time - another nice smooth blend. really subtle.
painted skies - good belnd, might have sounded a lil better with less mid on time so painted skies mid range dominates the mix, well it did anyway but when those keys/vocal came in on time they both fought for the mid space a lil, not a lot mind. just me being anal really. ha ha anal!

stepping stones - nice simple clean lil mix, those delay like drums worked really well with painted skies delay like chordy bits (whatever the technical term is) u know what bit i mean! painted skies could have sounded louder during the mix tho, less mid on stepping stones would have helped it stand out a lil more. i think that bits quiet anyway.

the enemy - fuk yeah, this is more my style tunage! that snare and that growl!
not a bad mix by anymeans, it was clean and sounded good, i was just hoping they would have doubled together, although i dont think they would have sounded good together.. but where it was placed in, i thought it was gonna happen.

love hotel - swish! clean mix!
ubiquity - dominated the mix a lil much imo, left love hotel a bit quiet in the background.
not my muse - flowed really well
venturi - kwel!
sequence 1 - tidy
jap el - subtle, clean
open arms - could have been good, a few lil slips and too much mid on mid action. mix got a bit cloudy. only one i havent like so far tho.
guidance - back on track, would have prefered the switch a lil earlier tho to make it cleaner.

so ya! great mix man, thanks for this.
im not too familar with a few of these tracks, ur blends were subtle and smooth so i really had to pay attention not to miss anything!

ur mixing style complimented the selections. sticking the enemy in the middle, good shout, really broke it up.


A. Tiran
cheers teddy that's a comprehensive report, much appreciated and all duly noted. certainly feel this kind of stuff requires more subtle smooth blends than the quick switches of most d&b.

glad you enjoyed it, ill make sure to let you know of the next one