Multi Genre METHXX05 - SB81 - Four Tun EP

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    Methxx05 sees the debut release on Metalheadz from SB81 aka Nolige. Having built up an impressive collection of releases on a host of high profile dnb labels over the past 10 years or so, the time has come to welcome him to the Headz camp. His new alias brings with it a new sound and direction, and one we are extremely excited to present on our METHXX imprint.

    ”DITD (Dancer In The Dark)” is a headnodding monster of a tune, bridging the gap between past and present, future x history, and between half timed beats & faster tempos with its clever percussive work. Chilling icy pads slowly evolve into warm string breakdowns and back again. A real exploration into the deeper side of modern dnb.

    ”Back To 33 (ft Shakk)” is an eerie darkside stepper. Analogue bass notes and oldskool pads bring the live kicks, snares and rides together into a most satisfying whole. Again, these are deep beats for the discerning junglist.

    Two digital exclusives complete this release "Four Tun" and "SiMi". Both lower bpm but just as high in energy. Trap, Juke and footwork influences combined with some tasty choice samples which the discerning junglist may recognise!

    2 Track vinyl comes with FREE download of all 4 tracks, offer only available from the Headz Store