Metasyn Video - Back To Life [Propa Talent]

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    Metasyn Video - Back To Life [Propa Talent]


    METASYN - Back To Life

    1. Back To Life (Original Mix)
    2. Back To Life (Instrumental Mix)
    3. Back To Life (Darkwav Remix)

    Enter METASYN

    The spankin new by-product of Ms. D&B herself, DJ Rap, and fresh up 'n' comer Chemical Hero, Metasyn is hot on the trail and knocking down doors with a brand new drum&bass sound. Back To Life marks the debut release from the dexterous duo out now on Propa Talent.

    In continued fashion with Drum&Bass Arena this release packs 3 head-shredding tracks including the full vocal mix, instrumental, and a remix from the freshest addition to Propa Talent, Darkwav.

    OUT NOW ON: Drum&Bass Arena

    Be sure to check out the Music Video at!


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