Metalheadz –Head Hunterz LP

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    This is possibly one of the best LP’s Metalheadz have ever released. With a wide variety of styles and flavours this has a little something for everyone, yet it stays true to the core. Commix’s “ Cambridge Hardcore” will work on most dancefloors, with its throbbing subs. Rufige Kru’s “Fear Heaven” is darkside mayhem, it has as much to do wit hthe future sound of Drum and Bass as it has to do with the past. It’s all about those dark strings and ruffneck breakbeat programming. Blame gives up a sought after roller, and Doc Scott’s Michigan is a welcome return from one of Metalheadz longest kru members. Concorde Dawn also give up a superb track. This is certainly one for the tech heads, but it has as much to do with Dave Angel as it has The Producer, and sax melodies blend with manic acid trance lines. Spirit does not fail to impress with “Redial” –old skool meets future in a frenzied pressure workout.