Drum & Bass META014 - Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah / Outta Endz


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(released 18th Nov)

META014 is undoubtedly one of the most eagerly anticipated Metalheadz releases in the label's entire history! This milestone outing sees a long overdue debut release for one of the drum and bass scene's greatest talents Dom & Roland. His constant output of critically acclaimed work, over nearly twenty years, has contained some of the biggest tracks this genre has ever spawned. We proudly present two brand new outstanding examples of his production genius for your listening pleasure.

Both sides of this release are already instantly recognisable to most discerning and non-discerning fans and both will no doubt become future classics, just as you might anticipate from Dom's first Metalheadz outing.

'Unofficial Jah' draws inspiration from Goldie's ground-breaking seminal 1995 album 'Timeless'. Crafting the recognisable elements toward a direction that perfectly fits the track's title. Dom stamps his unmistakable champion sound into a Goldie classic, creating a truly heavyweight, dubbed out reconstruction of epic proportions.

'Outta Endz' perfectly completes an essential release with a piece of music that has been destroying dance floors and leaving people setting all the regular forums and club convo’s alight with the question “What is that Outta London vocal tune!?” It's intro pads leading up to a stuttered repeated cry of “Straight Outta London” before dropping into a track so big it's practically an instant rewind. Truly a 'must have' piece of vinyl.

To finish off the release, the stunning sleeve art fittingly depicts a new take on the classic Metalheadz logo, the lion has awoken! Let Jah be prais

To celebrate this release we have had some special tie in merchandise made:

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