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Hey, everybody!
The 6th release from Scarcity Records *Breakspoll Best New Label Nominee* is out today and it goes like this ;)
Please take a moment and check

Mesmer - Whenever You Want Me (SCAR06)
Original + Line of Sight, Great Scott, Adeser, Quentin, Lain Christoph Remixes!

Release date: 22 Feb, 2010
Genre: Breaks, Tech House
Artwork: Negru
Mastering: AudioGate

About this release:
The next installment in the Scarcity catalog is a rolling, uplifting and very energetic breaks tune, from Bucharest based producer, Mesmer. In his own, very recognizable by now, style, Mesmer unleashes a proper peak time monster that has it all: growling bassline, lush vocals bits with powerful synth chords and chunky beats!
Bag comes packed full of remixes, to satisfy even the most exigent tastes in electronic music: from the tight drums, bass heavy, storming Line of Sight Remix , to the darker, big bass line, twisted vocals and dubby effects of Great Scott Remix, to the very atmospheric dark piece of tech house Quentin Remix, to the lush, deep, electro breaks remix of Adeser and to the Lain Christoph Remix that retains the harmonics of the original and takes it to the dancefloor with a throbbing bassline and deep, subtle swelling pads.
In the end, Line of Sight provides a bonus dub version, that brings out the more melodic and emotional elements of the original with a wonderful fusion of driving electro bass and futuristic electronic tweaks to create an energetic progressive voyage.




Some reactions:

601 / Rocstar - “Loving the Original and the Great Scott Remix on this a lot. The Original brings the rave vibes in a big way and I can see it working at peaktime in a big way! The Great Scott Remix is exactly the sorty of thing we like in 601, nice and experimental and the breaks sound great! The other mixes are good but these were the two that grabbed me!”
Stefan Anion - “Great Scott remix is amazing! I really like the Original too”
Retroid / Morphosis, Ego Shot - “Yeah! Lain Christoph Remix is the best for me and the Original is also cool!”
Run Riot / Sound of Habib, We Are Live - “Great Scott Remix - OH YES!!! CLASSIC 90s Big Beat. HUGE!!!”
B-Phreak / Dusted Breaks, Scarcity - “Great stuff! My favorites are the Original and the Line of Sight Remix! Full support from Germany!”
Ian “Daniella Downs” / Dead Famous- “Line of Sight Remix for me! He's THE SHIT!”
Lunar Shift / Ego Shot, Scarcity - “The Line of Sight Remix is my preferred track, with strong drums and interesting edits and fills. The track drives along at a good pace and the tough bassline is the kind of sound that will fit in well with our sets. Looking forward to playing this release out.”
Duanne Barry / DSUK - “I've been waiting for this, bro! I'm already in love with the Line of Sight Remix!”
Karl Sav / Re:connect, Scarcity - “Original - Remeber you playing this, loveit, nice vocal. Crisp production will be supporting!
Line of Sight Remix - Loving it, Georgi is so hot right now! Nice elements, nice production!
Great Scott Remix - Nice old skool beat in the intro, errie breakdown siren. Nice take on the original, like the old skool beat.
Quentin Remix - Like this, will fit in with my teeto house sets! Nice.
Lain Christoph Remix - Nicely produced, like it, nice and proggy.
Good release! I like the Original, Line of Sight and Quentin Remix the most! Great Scott Remix is good, will give Lain Christoph Remix some radio play.”

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Hope you enjoy this one :D Hehe