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    Sep 26, 2003
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    On behalf of, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. While I, or we, don't have anything material to give everyone, we can provide you with some other things....

    Great DJs/Beatz...
    We now have over 6 days worth of music on our 128kbps and 32kbps streaming playlist and we've been adding hours more to it everyday. We also now have 10 live broadcasts going on all week long, check the calendar on the site for who's on and when.

    IRC Chat...
    After being told how bad our old chat room sucked, we decided to step things up and get ourselves our very own IRC chat room. It works like a charm... and we even have some smilies ;) So when you tune in, get up on there and make some requests, talk smack or just tell the dj/s they are doin a good job...
    you can find it through the site or by just going to:

    That's right folks, you too can sign up and discuss music production, get Destroyer updates, promote your event, talk smack or chat about nothing. We are always updating/modifying it so get up in there and give us some suggestions on what you would like to see... it's everyones forum. You can visit it by going to the site or just visit:

    Anyway, I hope you enjoy our gift of music and gab and have a wonderful Christmas! BOH