'mens rea' - [FREE DOWNLOAD]. please listen/enjoy/download

yer i like your style mate, im the same i just want people to her my music, so a lot of respect for that!.... the track is very well mixed, i like the snare sound very spacy, the wobbles are lush, and the piano is really nice too, but im not a big fan of the second set of wobbles that enter around 2.44... other then that solid track
yeah man the second set was iffy to me too after listening to it, but i kept it just because some of my close friends really liked that part. i guess it changes on a personal basis. but thanks for all of the comments. i hope people keep listening to this track, i'm trying to decide on my specific artistic style of music and this song is definitely a candidate for my general sound. i've been trying to see what people's reactions are to it and for the most part, i've gotten really positive feedback. it's obviously not perfect, but i think it might be a good start to finding my personal sound. you guys agree?