Label [Melting Pot Records 16]


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Cat no.MPR16

Label: Melting Pot Records
Format: 12" vinyl & digital download

Release date: 31/03/2011

A/ NPhonix-Further
AA/Kantyze-Memories of tomorrow

Russian beat scientist, NPhonix, fuses techno and dnb like no other. His latest creation pushes the boundaries even further with its raw unadulterated energy.
Pulsating breaks, throbbing bassline, acid-laced synthwork and an epic breakdown make this a highly addictive substance and a deadly weapon.
Extensive damage has been observed across dancefloors worldwide.

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French neurosurgeons Kantyze provide the infectious "Memories of tomorrow"...a trip into the future where mechanical precision meets moving atmospherics.
But don't be fooled by the intro, the drop is issued with a health and safety warning:
symptoms include a state of euphoria, soaring heartrate and hyperactivity, you've been warned!

Kantyze SoundCloud
Kantyze MySpace

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