Melting PodCast 14 - Kaiza feat. Isotop (Trio - Tilt - T3K)

Melting PodCast 14 - Kaiza feat. Isotop (Trio Music - Tilt - T3K)

Smooth - Space Attack [RECON005]
Mindscape + Hydro - Skid Row [COMMERCIAL SUICIDE044]
Redco - Data [Unreleased Tilt-Recordings]
Bassrk - Your Destiny (unfinished) [Unreleased]
Malsum + Maztek - Wolf [Unreleased]
Nice5ive + Rolar - Epidemic [Unreleased]
Mefjus + Bowser - Cerberus Paws [Unreleased]
Nice5ive + Pitch N Sulphur - The Cell [COLLEVTIVE010]
Kenei - Innocence [MELTINGPOT010]
Kenei + Brainfuzz - Trust No One [MELTINGPOT010]
Kenei + Proktah - Shockwaves [MELTINGPOT010]
Kenei - Reflect [MELTINGPOT007]
Budoka - Pleasure Ride (Isotop + Kaiza RMX) [Unreleased Flight Recordings]
Bassrk - Head On The Ground (Isotop + Kaiza RMX) [Unreleased Flight Recordings]
Mefjus + Bowser - Unleash The Hidden [Unreleased]
Loopguard + Bowser - Corvus (Mefjus RMX) [Unreleased]
Nice5ive + Pitch N Sulphur - Wave [Unreleased Ammunition Rec]

Bad Boy Kaiza, founder of Trio-Music and co-labelowner of "Tilt-Recordings" and "T-FREE" and labelowner of "T3K",
is known for the most consistent DJ-sets in the local german Drum & Bass scene.
He is able to play all Drum & Bass subgenres, but his main focus is on technoid styles.
Besides setting dancefloors on fire with his DJ-sets, he is hosting the weekly Drum & Bass radio show "DMF" in the Mannheim / Heidelberg area in Germany since 2001.
Also, he used to organize events and plays Reggae/Dancehall, Dubstep, House, Breaks and HipHop under the names "Burnin Trees", "kwazzzar" and "Professor Tree".
On top of these activities he produces radical, uncompromised Techno-DNB tunes.

More details:
Bad Boy Kaiza started mixing Drum & Bass / Jungle in 1996. After gaining local status as a DJ and organizing parties in the local scene (1997) he founded the Trio-Music crew in 1998.
More bookings and growing reputation followed (1998/1999). Whilst interacting with the music and scene, his knowledge also grew and he started to re-define basic principles of DJ-sets / mixing.
He developed his unique approaches of consistency, constancy and upward build-up of sets, which in their practical outcome and in combination with the use of energetic and moving beats cause pure dancefloor-annihilation.
Bad Boy Kaiza's astonishing repertoire covers all different Drum & Bass subgenres. Athmospheric, liquid, Jump Up, Drumfunk, technoid styles, dark, hardcore, amen/reece rinseout stuff etc - the complete spectre.
But if nothing else is specifically demanded, his main focus is on Techno-DNB / Neurofunk.
Besides deejaying Drum & Bass, Bad Boy Kaiza keeps himself busy with selecting and holding a monthly club DJ-residency in Mannheim for the ragga soundsystem "burning trees movement",
doing Hip Hop mixes and maintaining the only weekly Drum & Bass radio show in the Mannheim / Heidelberg area since 2001.
He co-founded and co-owns the labels "Tilt-Recordings" and "T-FREE", is the label head of "T3K" and organized small club-events in the Mannheim / Heidelberg area in Germany.
Also, he produces tunes and has put out several vinyl singles and digital releases (see discography below).

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