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    Video "teaser", click on the logo:


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    Release Date 25/01/2011


    Melting Pot Records has been releasing many styles of music on different labels over the past years, including drum & bass, breakbeat & hard techno.
    They'd been wanting to release dubstep for some time now but were just waiting for the right opportunity...his time has come and they're very proud to launch their new imprint "Meltdown Dubs".

    But make no mistake, the first release, MDB001, brings a lot more to the table than just your average wobble. French 4 man combo Dragon Punch [insert bio link here] draw from their vast experience in reggae, hip hop, electro, turntablism & jungle to deliver quality tune upon quality tune in this 8 track LP.


    Twisted basslines, infectious synth riffs & huge drums are expertly merged with slick scratching, crafty sampling & vocals...Big enough to cause havoc in the club yet nice and balanced for home listening.
    These guys are just getting started, with a live act currently in preparation, don't miss out on their very first release!

    Audio Clips:

    Grab it @:

    Spark LP Sampler including the tracks “Biscuit” & “Warning” will be soon available on 12" @:

    Dragon Punch:


    Hailing from Tours, central France, Blender, Eiko No Klast, Monsieur E & Tesla were all heavily involved in different musical projects for a good many years, ranging from rock and reggae to hip hop and jungle.
    Having all 4 been bitten by the dubstep bug, they decided to join forces in 2010 and form Dragon Punch. Much time was spent in the studio, perfecting their sound and practicing their special moves...they were at last ready for action!
    Round 1-January 2011 marks the release of their first album "Spark", released on Spanish label Meltdown Dubs: a lethal combination of sumo-sized basslines, devastating synth riffs, power-packed drums, slick scratching and sampling.
    Gaining ever-increasing support, they've started to hit the road as a DJ-team and are currently working on a 4-man live act.
    So keep your ear to the ground and beware of the Dragon!

    Dragon Punch Management:

    Brain Agency
    Clovis Ferré
    Tel : + 33 (0) 675 709 686


    Dragon Punch - Spark LP - Promo Mix

    1.- Intro
    2.- 501 "Rise & Fall"
    3.- 501 "Ultraviolet"
    4.- Trolley Snatcha "SlowDown"
    5.- Slum Dogz "In The Hood"
    6.- Bare "Thugs In The Hood" (Feat. Messinian)
    7.- Skism "Elixir"
    8.- Excision & Downlink "Reploid"
    9.- Triage "Pitbull"
    10.- Dragon Punch "Warning" - MELTDOWN DUBS 01 - SPARK LP
    11.- Twist "Master Debater"
    12.- Downlink "Emergency"
    13.- Cyberoptix "Geisha"
    14.- Dragon Punch "Biscuit" - MELTDOWN DUBS 01 - SPARK LP
    15.- Dragon Punch "Way Fuck" - MELTDOWN DUBS 01 - SPARK LP
    16.- Downlink "Crippled Camel"
    17.- Twist & Torqux "Fear"
    18.- TecBloc "Supernova"
    19.- Blame ft.Camilla Marie "Star" (Doctor P remix)
    20.- Far Too Loud "Start the Party" (Specimen A remix)
    21.- Skism "Rave Review"
    22.- Doctor P "Black Books"
    23.- Sluggo & Bro Safari "Reckless"
    24.- N-Type "Early Door Jaw"
    25.- Dragon Punch "IntenCity" - MELTDOWN DUBS 01 - SPARK LP
    26.- Dragon Punch "Infected" - MELTDOWN DUBS 01 - SPARK LP
    27.- Dragon Punch & Empty Pockets "How we come and do" - MELTDOWN DUBS 01 - SPARK LP

    Video "teaser", click on the logo: