Melody Rich DnB

hey mate,

i enjoyed it a bit, listened to outlander and temperance.

the only thing i would say, and i shouldn't criticise as i don't produce, is that it seems to lack a bit of depth and isn't refined enough.

otherwise mate good effort!
You are 16?

I have to say, much respect then mate. Especially considering that you have years ahead of you to find your sound and get the production techniques down.

My mate produces and he says he watches vids of the pros to help him along. Check out youtube and type in ____ (producer that you feel, logistics, mistabishi, c+s, whoever...) and production tutorials and there should be great videos that have loads of info on them.

Anyways, keep it up man... i'll be waiting for that first dubplate!
Just had a listen of alpha omega on your quantum cubed alias, good stuff - not so sure about the vocals though :d
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