Drum & Bass Melodic vocal D&B

Kieran Wilson

New Member
Thanks for listening. Yes I agree, for sure I'll add in some vocals at this time mark. The vocal is from a sample pack which I have sped up considerably. Believe the original was at 128bpm.


Och aye
Awesome work!

I don't really listen to much dnb of this style so take this how you will, but if I had to offer 1 piece of feedback it'd be the breakdown seems a little rushed; perhaps extending the drumline out that little bit further over the wobble would give the highpass time to "wrap it up" almost; or going with a more minimal approach to the 16 bars from 1:05 rather than jumping straight into melody, vocals and percussion (or adjusting the levels on each). Right now (to me at least) it sounds like the wobble at the end of the main section is going to be a bridge rather than lead into the breakdown.

Would you mind sharing how you processed the vocals? They sound great!