Mefjus - Radix VIP / Spinor - Moloch (Mefjus RMX) [Tilt]


Jul 29, 2003
Mefjus - "Radix" VIP / Spinor - "Moloch" (Mefjus RMX) [Tilt-Recordings T-FILE-EP015]

Mefjus started making a name for himself in the Drum & Bass scene during 2009 and 2010 with digital-only and netlabel releases on T-Files, Mindtech, T-FREE, Flight, Fish Rec, Dangerous New Age and Internet Recordings aside from his vinyl debut on Dramfank and a tune on the Future-Forum Sampler 2010. Now he brings this EP covering the major aspects of Tilt-Recordings' musical agenda: Radix VIP is a twisted, midrangey piece of energetic technoid halfbar bass wickedness, and the Moloch remix is another tribute to one of the label's most celebrated classic.
Tbh an LP had been planned originally... But with time passing, it became evident at some point that many of the older tunes do not represent Mefjus' new sound today. So the plan changed; most of the older bits will probably never be released, and the two Nu Skool Breaks tunes originally scheduled for the LP will come out somewhere else. By the way, check out Mefjus' new release on KindCrime Recordings (KDC004) from July:
And don't miss Mefjus' journey into the bigname realm of Drum & Bass: watch out for his vinyl release together with Fourward, forthcoming on Bad Taste Recordings! (and more collabos with Fourward, Bowser, Kaiza, Xilent and Wreckage Machinery coming out soon on T3K, Abducted and other labels)


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full 320' mp3s & wavs available here: VIP / Moloch (Mefjus Remix)

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