Meet AriSawkaDoria! | tru-jazz, jungle beats, rock and dub

Meet AriSawkaDoria! | tru-jazz, jungle beats, rock and dub

Three of the Seattle underground music scene's most innovative and celebrated artists have joined forces to create a new sound combining the sound of tru-jazz, jungle beats, rock and dub. Their self-titled debut fill-length -produced by Santana drummer Michael Shrieve- will be released this spring. AriSawkaDoria is the defining spirit of Seattle's underground live music scene: their combination of jungle, jazz, rare groove, dub and improv transcends all preconceived notions of what is possible with electric groove music. Dance enthusiasts and jazz heads will both revel in the rhythmic intensity of AriSawkaDoria's explorations.

Band Members:

KJ Sawka -

Kevin Sawka is the monster rhythmic force that catapults the band into new sonic territories. Already having performed across the U.S. with live drum n' bass pioneers Siamese and recorded with Police guitarist Andy Summers, Sawka has redefined the possibilities of what can happen with acoustic and electric drums. Lightning fast drumÍnÍbass and jungle beats interweave with a driving hiphop funkiness to truly create new sounds unheard of until now.

Ari Joshua

Cape Town, South African born Ariel Joshua Zucker is an internationally experienced artist with a virtually undefinable meldingof jazz, rock, and groove styles. His use of analog effects and samples takes listeners back and forth through the Milky Way Galaxy. His musical journey has led him to live performances and collaborations withsuch artists as The Living Daylights, Benevento/Russo Duo, New Monsoon, Taarka, Om Trio, Ulu, Reggie Watts,The Motet, Dave Watts, Skerik, Crack Sabbath, and more. Having trained and played in New York with such jazz legends as Wynton Marsalis, Rashied Ali, Kenny Barron, Wayne Kantz,Reggie Workman, and more. Zucker has touched the very foundation of jazz and is helping evolve it and carry it into new dimensions.

Joe Doria

Hammond B-3 organ virtuoso Joe Doria just toured the U.S. recently with Seattle legend Skerik and his Syncopated Taint Septet. Doria's jazz swings with a futuristic funk that dazzles the listener with technical virtuosity and pure emotion that makes even the shyest wallflower succumb to frenetic dancing. Doria has been a rock solid member of Seattle's jazz and groove community for 10 years and keeps pushing the boundaries of musical exploration.

Youtube videos:

Blake Lewis and KJ Sawka together:

AriSawkaDoria w/ Blake Lewis and Sir Mix A Lot

AriSawkaDoria w/ Blake Lewis in Seattle

Go to and search for KJ Sawka, Arisawkadoria, or Blake Lewis and
you will see tons of other videos


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double safety
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i like it. i'd seen some of kj's vids before and he impressed me and the band sound tight. any idea what label they'll be released over here?
they are on wax orchard over here in the US...indy label out of NYC and Seattle Washington....I mean we are always willing to work with other labels to get the word/name out.

Book us and let the cards fall on the right tables ;)

Ez m8s