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Meditation In Dance LP Part 1
Nu School Futurism Drum&Bass Compilation
[Respect Records Digital Download 008]

"Meditation In Dance" is the compilation of mental & spiritual vibrations of DNB music in the most recent trends of the sound. It consists of 2 parts compiled by dj GVOZD & presented in two modern formats - digit (part 1) & vinyl (part 2). "Meditation In Dance" harmoniously combines music for dancing in both - physical & astral bodies and helps to reach a state of meditation gently swaying with hypnotic rhythms, melodies & pads.

Tracklist *
1. Nuage - Day by day
2. Bop - Thing in itself
3. Mr. Sizef - Your gentle smile is a cradle of my world now and forever
4. Gerwin feat. Suree - Hide & seek
5. Dissident - I wish I was a Hubble Telescope
6. Dynamic Stab - The future of Iron Empire
7. N4m3 - Many words
8. Bullet Time & Survied - Dejah Thoris

* Highly recommended by most of the top nu school drum&bass DJs & experts!

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