Med School closes down


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yeah, it's been a while. i miss the old stray with tunes like this remix and "pushed" and "when it rains" or "follow you around" (also on medschool).

or how sick is this ? (karl, is this the one you were thinking of ?) -->

yessssssssssssssssssss thats the one! first stray tune i ever heard by stray. very impressive, at the time i got the impression he had vocoded the pad with noise which was a revelation for me.

he did not do that, and i have no idea where i got that from. but its a wonderful idea.

its a kick ass tune, but not quite rockwell or bop. not yet. is this microfunk?


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nah, i wouldn't say that, although it's very micro/minimal. i'll give a few examples of what i personally would define as microfunk:
I agree with your examples. Interestingly, it's still made almost exclusively by Russian producers. Hasn't seem to have caught on elsewhere.

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Yeah I would. It actually started out sounding a lot different but the final version was pretty Microfunk inspired.
ah ok, that makes sense. first thing i thought when i listened to it was that it would perfectly fit in a microfunk podcast or set. reminds me (a bit) of tunes by nuage such as "very smooth draft" or "inspire me". or some newer ones by bop. but wasn't sure if you'd call it microfunk yourself.

hopefully there's more to come. :love:

and of course i love "passengers" with bop, too.
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Going out with a bang! :antitank: