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    Meatsweeper- Bloodstained Mix(er)

    57 mins of Hard Drum&Bass with lashings of Breakcore & a smidgin of Hardcore Techno for good measure.


    Offkey04- The Panacea- Calcifer
    Freak19- SPL- The Assailant
    Miresxc14- Enduser- The End
    Obl04- Lethal & Karnage vs. Submerged- Cannibal Holocaust
    Acar03- Bazooka- Bass Drum Korrect?
    Freak19- SPL & Limewax- The Spirits
    Obl04- Submerged vs. silent killer vs. Enduser- No Remix
    Ti048- Current Value- Strange Peace
    Obl04- Temulent – I am the devil
    Deathsucker24- Dj Floorclearer- Lets have it cemetary style
    Obl04- Lethal l& Karnage- Rise of the beast
    Dc49- Dolphin- Disco Shit
    Ziq099- Venetian Snares- Choprite
    Rese005/12- The Rapist- Mortal Fear 2002 (Dj Mortifer remix)
    Kc06- Randomatik Blast- Stcepsus
    Mrexc14- Enduser- The End (Richard Devine remix)

    Meatsweeper- Hardcore Techno mix


    DC047: Bryan Fury - Blood in blood out
    ZIQ118:Shitmat - Argos
    PUZZLING05: Polymorphik I/II & II/III Remix - A.L.F.
    ???????: Loxy - Now we are fucked
    DISTORT08: Doormouse - Vlad
    EPK22: Traffik - Bit Stream
    BLOC 46-LP002: Aphasia - Arachneed - Hiatus
    ??????: Ronin - ????
    BAG004: V.snares - winnipeg is a frozen shithole vol2 - Winnipeg As Mandatory Scat Feed
    NoMu 74: Speedy J - Actor 9
    ZIQ177: Duran Duran Duran - Boom Hunter
    DC030: Rude ass tinker - Silk Ties
    SCUM010: Interpretetions: The DJ Producer "Pre-conceived Intentions (Traffik rmx)
    COMB 02: Electric Kettle - Drunkl & disorderly - Boogey Woog
    CHANT LP 003: speed freak - The Wrath Of The Psychopath
    ???????: Loxy - ??????
    DC047: Bryan Fury - Death Be Not Proud

    Meatsweeper- Dubcore mix


    DP07- Distinction - After Life
    Ruff02 - Math head – Skyjacker
    ZIQ143 - U-ziq- Garys gruesome garage
    DP07 -Distinction – Bug chaser
    ZIQ165 - Milanse- Extend
    HF014 - Military – Benga & Walsh
    DST04- Elemental – Tribute
    Ascension03- Tech Itch – 1 of us
    Werk08 – Grim Dubs Vol 5-side A
    Ruff02 Black ham -The crusade
    Werk08 – Grim Dubs Vol 5- side B
    Ruff02- Starkey – Glassy eyes
    ZIQ165- Milanese - Extend
    ZIQ143 - Shitmat- Garys gruesome garage (rmx)
    Chan10-Michael Forshaw-Dumb je:5 rmx
    Midi01- NDK- Disharmonic

    Meatsweeper- Breakcore/hardcore techno

    File Name: meatsweeper.raweggenema.mp3.wma
    File Size: 39 MB

    Tracks 1-11 Cut & mixed between:

    POFFLTD09: Electromeca - Battling doll beats
    MSADV3: Electromeca - Uncut (single track)
    POFFLTD12: Cardopusher - Hippie Killers Don't Mind Jah Conversations
    POFFLTD13: (Rotator & cardopusher tracks)

    DISTORT08: Doormouse - Traxxx
    BTK05: Syndicate - Cold fear
    BAG01: Kid606 - Wicked (gabber recharge mix)
    FIST28: Epsilon - Swimming Liver Drunk

    Meatsweeper- IDM/Breakcore mix

    File Name: meatsweeper.sensibleishmix.mp3
    File Size: 51 MB

    ADN49: Enduser - End of a begininning (sludge mix)
    ZIQ111: V.Snares - Ongyilkos vasanap
    ??????: The Joy - A chemical Persuasion
    ZIQ070: U-ziq - Meinheld
    TURD08: Puzzleweasel - an aften med hr. Ryan
    MSADV3: Iere - Dubjere
    ZIQ111: V.snares - Szamar Madar
    MIREXC3: line 47 - taken away
    PUZZLING05: Rony & Suzy - Whiskey mix
    RICE&BEANS3: Otto von schirach
    MIREXC3: Ovenaxx-Whacking away the kichigai club
    MIREXC3: Enduser - Basement
    MIREXC3: Blaerg - Shower scene
    ZIQ111: V.snares - Ketsarken Morgalom


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