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Oct 16, 2012
Hardly have any real time to make many full tunes, but this is something I got to a place where its getting close, seeing if anyone who listens has any feedback, appreciated muchly like.
I made the bass using operator in Ableton then smashed the hell out of it with Trash and Allow and other assorted manglers. I recorded some things with my guitar, I based the tune around a F Minor chord, so recorded that chord and some arpeggios which I chopped up and threw in. The break is one I made and had hanging around for age finally found somewhere for it. I recorded the vocal sample myself as well, pitched it down a bit and threw some things on the chain to mask my dopey voice. One of the background pads was some preset in blade, and just did really quick repeating arp, but the release is long enough to just simulate a moving f minor chord, work ok I think. I used a couple of samples I have in my library, messed with them a little just to not throw them in as is, one of the riser/falls was sample from sonic academy, and one atmos was one from Enei's pack, think I had to pitch it a bit. The vocal type sound that comes in at the breakdown was her sample that I pitched up a couple of octaves and came out sounding like this. Its nothing crazily complex, just trying to keep them sounding better and better with each new tune.
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