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Last time I heard warren G on a tape he was shouting about cutting people's throats open over the most laid back jazzy track that fabio was playing
mesh said:
I remember once Warren G was playing with SS, screaming for the rewind as he caught my eye in the crowd. I shook my head once, and he actually backed out ! "No rewind."
HAHAHA, thats classic!!
and scam.. thats quite fucked up, though it just makes me laugh when the mc's dont know what the hell they're doing
mesh said:
I suppose that's true about mic volume, Ive only played smaller club gigs, so maybe a good thing ...
just cant bring myself to give up on them yet though, must be a sucker. We dont have them every gig here anywayz.

I remember once Warren G was playing with SS, screaming for the rewind as he caught my eye in the crowd. I shook my head once, and he actually backed out ! "No rewind."

Good job! :2thumbs:
:flame: They can make or break a tune but they need to to know when to shut up!!!! But on the the whole No.. Mc Fats Ya! they know the score. As for SHabba saying that MCs should be first on the flyers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When an Mc can sell out a club with no muzik then ya ..... sorry!:kermit:
If I ever get tinitus from a night out, it's probably due to the volume of the MC.
I'm pretty sure that my ears would be ok if I didn't have someone shouting at me all night over the music through a loud P.A. Especially as human's hearing is particularly atuned to picking up other human's vocal frequency range, so when it's overloud, the damage is worse. Having said that, a good MC like GQ can really lift a night's entertainment...and get the crowd going. But any MC who asks for the volume up in the p.a. needs to learn what monitors are for. :shabba:
To be fair, saw Shabba @ Broken Minds last Friday and he was just about tolerable... Was shutting up thru most of the mixes, or at least letting them run for 30 secs before starting his tirade of "When I say Danny Shabba you say D" managed to get about 5 people shouting twat back at him :lol_board

Can't remember which mc it was, but some tosser mc was just stood there giving a finger to the crowd half the time.. Proper pissed me off :/

Think it's a major case of people not being able to handle themselves, or the class A's they've had to drop to give them the confidence to "perform" on stage.. I'm convinced at least 50% of MCs are pilling their tits off when they start chattin
Another MC debate.....but it's all good fun.

Personally, I generally like MCing, it gets me going if I hear a good mix, then some decent, clear lyrics when the time comes. It's part of the scene, and always will be, like it or not.

But, I do not like this sudden swarm of super yardie MCs, who think they are about as famous "rappers" as Dre or Snoop etc. Dunno if anyone went but a couple of weeks ago, I went to that Jungle night in Pompey where Blackmarket, Shabba and Eksman were playing.

I like Eksman cos he is one of the more hyper MCs who knows when to shut up, probably cos hes quite timid anyway. But, I can hear his lyrics and they make sense (mostly). I respect that (GQ,SP,Dynamite,Fearless). Then Shabba came on with his yardie mates (Yardie,Cowboy Ranger and someone else) and grabbed both of the mics and used them at the same time, as well as turning them both up full. In the end they were so loud u couldnt hear the music, and the mic was so loud you couldnt hear the 'lyrics'. Shabba was so fucked he fell off the back of the stage. Everyone laughed at him.

As for MCs being first on the flyer, that will never happen. Only at events like Telepathy and Shabba's parties were all the rudebwoys and crackheads meet up to shout the same things constantly at their idols.

Drum and Bass is all about the DJs, and always will. I respect an MC who respects the fact that they are there to support the DJ and keep the vibe going, not to get mash up and repeat the same syllable really quickly and fall off the stage.

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