MCing on dubstep


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Jan 4, 2011
Darren I bet you're the cunt that starts mosh pits during the breakdown of a tune at raves aren't you


dirty breaks

shabba d's spelling/grammar is pretty special. worse than txt speak tho he seems to have sorted it out now unless someone else is helping him

yeah i always noticed that, his grammer was as bad as his MC'ing...


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Dec 3, 2010
Oslo, Norway
Here's how you do it:

DJ starts the intro, people are excited and heads start nodding in time with the hard electronic beat.

This is when you tell the light dude to "Turn the lights down, make it dark! Make it dark yeah, we don't want to see anyfing!" and when he's done that you start addressing the crowd and you go "Let's all go a bit mental tonight, yeah? Let's all get weird tonight, yeah? Everybody get a bit strange wiv me here yeah?" and when you feel the drop coming you go "We're gonna polay you some shit you never heard before tonight, this is some brand new shit, so pay attention, yeah?! Listen, listen listen!!" and the DJ drops Sweet Shop and the crowd goes wild.

Now, at this point most MC's would think their job is done, the crowd is hyped, you can go get pissed and pick up your check and finger my cousins fit barely legal friend in the mens bathroom, but you got to remember; this is dubstep, yeah? It's a whole different ball park, you've got to stay up there and go "Keep your eyes on the ground when the bass comes down! Eyes on the ground when the beat comes down! Keep your eyes on the ground when the bass comes down, there's not a badder MC for fackin' miles around!" and then like really really quickly throw in a "Yagetme?!" between that bit and your next bit which will ALWAYS be "Somebody make some fackin' noooooiiiise!!1" and THEN you can go get pissed and finger the mens room and all that, yeah?

Don't be afraid to ask any questions, I know this might all seem a bit alien but remember; the kids who listen to dubstep these days are complete mindless idiots - obviously, but you can't pull that DnB MC ting slowed down because the crowd will be able to hear you're just throwing lines of random syllables around like "Habbadubbadibbadubba-skeng! Wuddyalistintothisshiteimadeupinmah'ead!" unless absolutely everyone in the building including the two massive slightly intimidating doormen are off their heads on pills.

Remember this and you'll be the best dubstep MC you can possibly do.
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