mc sharpy

yo were can i mc 2? ama drum n bass mc from bristol init wana make a proper demo ina studio or sutin or even radio, djs out der add me init on msn ill send some of my tracks c wot u fink get bak at me

prime example of the mis-use of the word "init"

ill translate this for anyone who doesnt understand:

"yo (hi in slang), where can i MC (master of ceremoney) to? i am a drum and bass MC from Bristol is not it?
want to make a profesional demo in a studio or something. Maybe Radio. DJs out there add me is not it? on msn. I will send some of my songs. See what you think."

You should learn how to speak english before becoming an MC. It helps.
I thoughy MC was Mic Controller as they aint doing it at weddings n shit! hahahahaha

But thanks for the translation

i might as well have been in India cos i would understand more of that ahahahaha

To the MC, mate buss up dem lyric pon sum mix init blud ya get meh ;)
:mr_cool:Yo Yo, Yo Yo,
We gonna blow, We gonna blow
Init tho, Init tho,
Ho Ho Ho Ho
Wot u fink bro?

Sorry, I'm a bit drunk.
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