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my fav lyrics are funs' "tracey is my lady and she likes to smoke weed, another mo'fucker with a habit to feed" or "im the dnb obi-wan-kenobi" ;)

makes me laugh everytime i hear it :D

or shabbas "91 that was the year that shabba come..." and so one, great one as well..

or hyper ds "move your body plenty..."

well, you see, too many to mention all of dem ;)



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a lotta tings sp spits is good :

"don't feel stupid for snoozing, im the new kid who rewrit the blue print"

"so im fully concentrating on the task ahead, like bruce lee the all time master zen. it's a question of discipline, sucka mc's are you listening?"

send it to the whack rappers with bad manners, mind blaggers get battered!"

he normally rattles them off around the same time inbetween bits and pieces.



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"Mi have a catalan, mi have an uzi, honey monster have the pumpa, have the squeeza, sharp shoota, big thanks and praise to ja the father" "haya haya ho, manchesta, shadow demon that a warrior" "Jubilee originate that the inertia, all my crew raise your finga, that for Jubilee in the pen sir" "flygirl show me your crack, heartattack badboy know that me black Trigga: "ugghhh gangster hustla baller cap peeler who i be a muthafacking drug deala" "Scotty beam me up"

Sellin little butty, hotcross bun, jump pon thr bus go too far, bust a little head iron bar, take out mi knife I give a big scar" "Fack the salad cream - cucumber" "Backaxe chopaxe in a centre" "Wel like we shit ducks ass tight

37 styles thru the chamber, on a spida black tarantula, construction biznizz a long time dappa" "Very electric, very thunderin, who a a talk it dirty bassman, shadow stalka, which part we from transylvania, mi brethrin black finga, that dracula one a luger" "Till tha mornin & you know she wont be yawning

Sidewinder pon perimiter, double darker, yes fly girl taste mi finga, which part me wedge it in vag--a, give her finga, how me fock her that 2 hour... thatssss deliciousssssssss" "night time come sleep with my body in fagina" "Ina ina eee ride the donkey how she likeee giddy up giddy up pon me, bust it back way how she likeee, bon a little spliff of the sensi, take her upstairs work the punaiy, me fockin nasty

Baracuda, him have a snout a headhunter, rhino just a swim in the river, big fat hippo, what a danger, catch a fly girl, a hippopotamus…” “When she weigh up the big thing in her hand you know what she say… HEAVVVVYYYYYY!”

Mi co-ky long like an elepahant trunk, moan and groan how she have fi grunt. Mr Bassman one a sniper. Long long thing so she want it… long long thing how she taste it. In and out, bottyrider, botty purch up, how she want it botty area
Forest said that it's a box of chocolates, well they're past their sell-by
Let me go tell why
Got 9/11 terrorism bombs on the rail-line
an people say the president just aint a well guy
Turn on sky
Watchin more people die
This is war in our time an welcome to the front line
Gettin stabbed by knives
Drowned by the high tides
Sat watchin mans hide from bredders holdin backpacks too tight
Mad man vibe
Somebody give me some perspective
The way this shit's spreadin I dont see this thing endin
Catch breath time, cos there's way too much stressin
All the TV presents is 40 funerals, no weddin
Enough to do your head in
Enough to make you mad
This talk of Armageddon is depressin, its sad
Time to make a change, and ease a troubled land
This aint your life of strife this is DRUM AND BASS man :)
MC TRIGGA 1 liners

yes fly gal round ze bumper
move ya structure
make some noise for the birdwatcher
you know.. the darkness starts from now YES
trigganator hot water
a lickle darka
ride the microphone with my bredrin bassman
badboy business you know submit the tarqa
anywhere we go we IN THE CORNA!
007 licence to kill
iya iya iya FUCKIN IYA OH!
double bubbala double darka
what are my crew cool and deadly!
you be fuckin with me i'll be fuckin with you!
whos got no snap, no crackle, no fuckin POP
this aint no fashion show its the champagne ball

loads more 2 come


To let your high Arrive
Hi,Now Im gunna fly
Up & Up & Up 2 da sky
Move your hands down low and high
Move your body to the left and da right
Let your mind slip and slide
Slip n slip n slip n SLIDE (rolling tongue)
Now your ready inside
for the RIDE if you Decide
To let your high ARRIVE-DERIVE
From happy time's you've' lived in life
If that dont work, At least you've tried
For da rest of you ENJOY INSIDE.

Thats 1 of my own. I say 1 of my own, its the only 1.


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I just wasted 5 minutes of my life reading that! I was hoping to finally understand what the fuck MCs are going on about... But alas, even in writing they talk a load of bollocks.

I'm amazed that Bassman is in a relationship with anyone, the way he talks about her is disgusting! :teeth: I don't see what everybody sees in him, all he talks about is his bitch in that stupid voice...

SP's lyrics definitely make the most sense to me, and he knows when to shut-up!

As for my favourite MC lyrics, I have none...