Mc Loco's Leaving Bash (25/5/2002)


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Mar 21, 2002
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Dub Sounds presents Mc Loco's Leaving Bash! (25.5.02)

Mc Loco has been supporting Dub Sounds and their events since day 1, being without doubt, one of their most loyal residents. So when he announced that he would be going around the world in May, we thought: What better way to show our appreciation than to throw him a dnb extravaganza??? The first Dub Sounds event in far too long, sees the crew returning to the small town of Fairford, for an informal, personal goodbye party.
Opening the nights proceedings were Incision boys Terminal and De-Ad. Although it said on the fliers that they would be playing b2b, due to a late arrival from De-Ad, Terminal had most of their hour to himself, dropping tunes from his heavy artillery such as 'Beastman' and the new Kryptic Minds thing on Frequency.
Taking over was the one and only Dj Sniper, and lets just say he didnt miss a shot!!! Drawing out some slightly older, but no less brilliant, tracks such as Baron's 'See Me Burning' and 'Shake It', Sniper gunned down the bobbing dancefloor with ease. By now, the man himself, Mc Loco, had arrived and was proceeding to cause maximum devastation in the hall, alongside his lyrical partner in rhyme, Mc Sinner-G.
Next up, the one they call the Coxy, impressed the audience with his nice, varied selection of dnb. Klute, John B and Calibre cuts all sat nicely alongside more dancefloor stuff like 'Ska' and Bad Co's 'Blind', ensuring that not a single body in the place was still!
As Coxy's last tune drew to a close Mulla and Viper took their place behind the decks for the second b2b assault of the evening. Opening with Ray Keith's massive 'Jah Dread', the tempo didnt drop from there. 'Special Formula', 'Global Love rmx', 'Crimes Against Technology' and enuff tunes off Big Bad Bass, ensured Loco and Sinner-G were calling for rewind after rewind.
Last set of the night went to local boy, Flatman, who kept the temperature close to boiling point throughout his brief but tearing set. By the time it came to the last tune (or should I say tunes - there were about 6!!!!), no-one was ready to leave, but unfortunately licencing laws are licencing laws and everyone was kicked out into the cool night air.
There was no trouble, no fights and more importantly, no clanging mixes, which means the event in all was a success, and a good time was had by all! Lastly, on behalf of all Dub Sounds and Incision crew: Mc Loco - Good Luck mate, your residency'll be waiting for ya!!

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