MC Killa


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How goes it people
I’m new to the forum, pretty new the net, thought I’d get me self wired up. He he
Names Mike a.k.a MC Killa , from Cheltenham.
If your from my Home town give us a mail.

Oh by the way, my favoured style of D&B is 1996 -2000 Tech step, rollers etc if you needed to know.
Bin in the scene longer than I can remember, most family members were in it, making it, can’t stand most music but this, hate people who av jumped on the D&B band wagon, thanks for ruining it. (you know who you are)
Been Mc’ing for 5 years, don’t copy, don’t blag, don’t like party tunes. He he

Wanna buy a good CD soon, try A1 Sound Carrier 2 mixed by Tonic, Emotif recordings. That’ll sort your head out.
Nice little record I heard a few dayz back, Kenny Ken, Jungle Rave.