MC Dre just added to CG AM!! Got MCs?

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    MC Dre just added to CG AM!! Got MCs?

    Don't forget about all of our other MCs to the CG roster!!!

    MC XYZ
    Valiant Emcee
    MC Aero


    DRUMZ CLOTHING proudly presents the BREAKTHROUGH MIX 2007 featuring MC DRE and JAE STYLUS.....mixed by DJ STEADY

    A very special mix done to celebrate the victory of Drumz, Tekdbz, and L.A.'s very own MC DRE as BEST BREAKTHROUGH MC at BBC/ 1xtra drum n bass awards 2007. Consisting of drum n bass, hip hop, AND grime. This mix is a true reflection of my style as a dj as well as a shining example of Dre and Stylus' versatility as MC's.

    so you wanted some audio? it is........So Cal STAND UP!!!!!
    1.) Mims-"This is why im hot" remix- instrumental
    2.) T.I.- "Top back"- instrumental
    3.) Petey Pablo- "I" -instrumental
    4.) Matrix and Futurebound- "Knightriders"
    5.) Moving Fusion- "Radiance"
    6.) >>>"Thugged out bitch"- Adam f n Fresh remix
    7.) Virgo- "Puzzle"
    8.) Dj Remedy- "Candy shop" remix
    9.) S.K.I.T.Z. beats - "Thug run"
    10.) Jim Jones- "We fly high" instrumental
    11.) Infiltrata and Hochi feat MC Dre- "West Coast Ridas"
    12.) DJ Basher- "Warlords"
    13.) Evol Intent- "Glock party"
    14.) 2pac and Dr. Dre- "California love" instrumental
    15.) Chase and Status- "Disco"
    16.) Vicious Circle- "Shredder"
    17.) DC Breaks- "Cold Thing"
    18.) Logistics- "Everything is illuminated"
    19.) Virgo- "South"

    please go to this link to download!!


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