Mc Dap Dj stanza (deep mix) 2009


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Mar 24, 2009 :wave:

This is one FAT Set, nicely supported by the MC, never talking 2 much really, big tunes, getting a little more on the attack at the end..16 views?Ridiculous!!Big up Stanza & DAP!:not_worth
Yeah, its a pity..sure if you would have tagged it superhypermegajumpupfilth there would have been more attention:DAnyways..still enjoying the mix!Heavy rotation on the mp3 player!

lol very true i will be posting a up front dnb set very soon tho

big up gee gun :not_worth
I need to check this forum more often, I didn't realise this was on here. Thanks for checking it guys. Glad you're into it. There's plenty more on its way ;)

Shame that musicv2 is gone because I had some good sets on there, but in the meantime please check the other mixes and tunes on:
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