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    Maztek : Parasomnia Ep Part 2

    06/03/08: Beatport Exclusive - 04/04/08 : Official Release

    After the succesful first part, here is the second act of
    this twisted trilogy made by Maztek. ..the last part is
    coming soooon.. stay tuned!

    Check what the TrackItDown team says about the first part:
    "An urgent rampage through the darkside from Maztek on
    Modulate. Awesome vocals and impeccable editing create a
    techstep masterpiece that's both brutal and beautiful.

    Maztek (Rome, IT), guitarist and percussion player, now Dj
    and producer, begins his musical career at the age of 13,
    when he played with his first band as lead guitarist. In
    2000 he turns into electronica music and starts to dig into
    techno sound. In that period he was very active in the
    underground techno rave scene. In 2005 he produces 3 albums,
    the first of them was trip hop while electronic and
    sperimental/break was the flavour the others. In 2006 he
    starts organizing d'n'b events, so called "Subculture DNB
    Party" which is also the name of his movement, with famous
    guests like Outrage (metalheadz), Dj Radic (fullforce
    recordings) and Congo NAtty.
    Now he cooperates with Total Wipes rec, Ninth Zone Records,
    Combat Records and with the busiest djs in the Italian
    underground scene.

    TW306 Maztek Andyp Sunboy 2006
    TW340 Maztek Andyp Sunboy (Synthax Error Remix) 2007
    DARKLAND060 Maztek Antisocial 2006
    DARKLAND073 Maztek Antisocial (Dj-Sinister Remix) 2006
    NINTH010 Maztek Bad Boy 2007
    CMBT027 Maztek Bass Killa Nation 2007
    TW306 Maztek Bongchilli 2006
    NINTH010 Maztek Critial Pass 2007
    NINTH008 Maztek Dark & Blue 2006
    NINTH008 Maztek Escape 2006
    TW306 Maztek Green Light 2006
    TW306 Maztek High Criteria 2006
    NINTH010 Maztek Me Too Bad 2007
    DARKLAND118 Maztek Monster Track 2007
    DARKLAND118 Maztek My Dogs 2007
    TW306 Maztek Pump Da Bass 2006
    TW340 Maztek Pump Da Bass (Synthax Error Remix) 2007
    NINTH010 Maztek Rah Rah 2007
    TRANSISTORTECH01CD Maztek Rudeboys Alliance 2006
    DARKLAND118 Maztek Soundkontroll 2007
    TW306 Maztek Swing Time 2006
    NINTH010 Maztek Synapse 2007
    NINTH008 Maztek The Dark Side 2006
    TW306 Maztek Under Skin 2006
    TW340 Synthax Error Another Beat (Maztek Remix) 2007
    TW340 Synthax Error I Dominate (Maztek Remix) 2007
    TW340 Synthax Error Modern Civilization (Maztek Remix) 2007
    DARKLAND073 Dj-Sinister One Last Thing (Maztek Remix) 2006