MAY08 CORINTHIAN Releases: Custom Soldierz/Surora

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    MAY08 CORINTHIAN Releases: Custom Soldierz/Surora


    The Trio from Puerto Rico touch back down on Corinthian with a slamming remix of "Axis". The original is by Surora and was remastered and re-released on 5.9.08. Custom Soldierz for the win!

    Surora gave me FutureF along with a few other beats couple months back. He makes every kind of dnb you can think of and has LP plans in the near future. This tune, FutureF, reminded me of the stuff on his 1st EP. It basically lead to the whole idea for the releases in May.

    DJ’s & Producers from different Parts of Puerto Rico, Focusing into Techstep and Neurofunk Drum & Bass. KS3, Scranchee, & Screwbolt comprise the group. Custom Soldierz on the rise with releases on Flatline, Corinthian, & L.A.B. Recordings.

    Surora is a warrior, twenty-year-old, drum and bass dj/producer from Cleveland, OH. Demonstrating range in all styles of drum and bass: from high energy trance like approaches to more twisted neurofunk. Surora illustrates a great spectrum of music, with meticulous build ups, solid rhythms and harmonies, and great synth work. His collaborative energy has been shared with the likes of Identity, Mixmaster Doc, Robtronix, Lightshapers, New World Order & NC-17. Living, eating, and sleeping drum and bass, this new arrival of fresh tunes is sure to keep your next step in anticipation and your head grooving nice. You can catch his original work in local Cleveland clubs such as Touch...

    Surora - Axis (Custom Soldierz Remix) [COR 027]
    Surora - Future F [COR 028]

    Artwork was done by Funnetik. Mastering was done by Precise & Screwbolt from Custom Soldierz.

    This releases will be out this Friday, May 23rd 2008. They are available at Juno , Digital Tunes & Our Website