May 6th @ Rythm Factory: Bassline Smith, F.U.K.T, Youngman + more

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    Apr 28, 2007
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    The infamous Danish urban music providers OHOI! are presenting their first
    UK event with a smashing line-up presenting the best of Danish Drum'n'bass
    and Dubstep.

    The Live DnB sensation F.U.K.T is visiting London for their first
    UK-performances ever. Rough and Hardcore Drum'n'Bass performed on live
    instruments. Joining them on stage is Youngman MC of technique recordings
    fame. /

    Kraken Recordings
    This Scandinavien Dubstep label is celebrating the release of its 1st 12"
    hitting the UK. This night, the dubsteppers behind will present some of the
    artists featured on the label including Obeah aka DJ 2000F, Wolfman aka DJ
    JSL, DJ Even & Scandalous Unltd. Bass frequencies from the depths of a 1000
    fanthoms! ......