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im ashamed of myself, when deniz pop died, i was walking up the road to the store, thinking how much i hated deniz pop, when all of a sudden, like a gift from above, the headline read DENIZ POP DEAD FROM CANCER. and i was happy as a only a child can be. which is a most tactless sentiment and an utterly disgusting way to behave. its just the cheiron studio was everywhere, deniz pop, max martin, and them, and like so many others, i didnt realize that instead of hating, i could just turn off the tv, i didnt realize that, so i watched all tv channels at the same time and hated so hard my heart turned black and hell froze over.
but basically, the cheiron studio is guilty of most the biggest hits of the 90s, some of the most fiendishly manipulative pop music ever produced, max martin is a true genius, his happy hardcore/eurodisco past included of course. and also, just an observation, then most of his songs sound like bastardized bon jovi songs from the 80s, specially his work on the britney spears and backstreet boys albums. oh and he did produce a bon jovi album, the 'its my life' album, in all its arthroscopic splendour.