Max Horror & Swell Rhymes - X vs. Y (Hip-Hop)

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    Yeah I posted this in waffle couple days ago as a joke that wasn't received very well so I thought I'd make a new post in production, so here ya go!

    Song's called "X vs. Y" and it's on MF Grimm's "Earth" beat. It was mixed & mastered by my friend Max and features verses from both of us and a little vocal snippet from Danny Devito lol.


    PS. Please if you like the track, then like it on youtube and leave some feedback if you could, it would be much appreciated :)

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    White guy rap. Hmmm.....
    The song is repetitive. The vocal( literal) tone is off. Neither off you have the vocals to sound like good rappers. However, the lyrics and vocal production is very well done. In fact the eq sounds good in general. Songs ok. But for rap I would say you need different voices. Try finding vocal artist and producing them, you guys seem to produce well. Hope this helps.