MAV 4-6 months to Budapest (Hungary), starting may 2010

Discussion in 'Drum & Bass' started by mav, Apr 22, 2010.

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    Feb 6, 2009
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    Just wanted to let you all know that in 1 week time I'm moving to Budapest (Hungary) for 4-6 months, starting in may 2010 !!

    If you're interesting in booking me there or in surrounding countries, this coming summer would be the best time, as you will save heavily on flight-costs.

    For all people in Budapest, hit me up if you wanna hang out or party :)

    For all peopz going to the Balaton Sound or Sziget festivals, hit me up as well ;)

    Mischa / Mav

    ps: I will continue doing my Scientific Radio show on, every 1st sunday of the month 16:00-18:00 CET.