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Feb 6, 2007
northern germany
Gotta love skinny guys..they have no muscles whatsoever but they consider themselves in shape. Seriously..this is why girls puke their souls out, because fags tell em they are fat when the have 45 kilos on 1.78m. :rolleyes:

yeah thats true aswell. but at least they dont look as fat as the guy :D

and me loves women with some more weight on them. they need tits and therefore fat is necessary etc. :teeth:


gomby plz
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Aug 14, 2008
I'm 6 foot 6 and 20 stone I'm classed as obese but I go Thai boxing twice a week straight box in once a week and used to play rugby. I ain't really that fat .I train and stuff I'm just a big dude.people now have a fuckin obsession with being thin or steroided up like Ronnie coleman I'd rather be the size I am then a 10 stone fitted cap rock ports and roll ups cunt or a raisin bollocked roid raged raasclaat.

im guessing by BMI though right? which means fuck all cos muscle weighs more than fat

body fat percentage is more accurate

Description Women Men
Essential fat 10–13% 2–5%
Athletes 14–20% 6–13%
Fitness 21–24% 14–17%
"Average" 25–31% 18–24%
Obese 32%+ 25%+

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fat chicks, skinny chicks... i love em all

dirty breaks


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