Mathew and the Atlas - Pale Sun Rose (AK's Remix)

Discussion in 'New Talent & Track Reviews' started by akmusic, Jul 29, 2014.

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    Feb 18, 2014
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    Made a new remix:

    Hope you'll enjoy :)

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    Watch you levels to get more even sounding individual tracks, do you notice when in the intro the dude singing sounds loud and in the 2nd part of the drop he quieter? It is your levels. Do not be afraid to adjust them and use compression to make them more stable. Also, your bass could be louder, much louder. The breakdown is abrupt. The kick works... all the drums work but could be better.
    Over all the track is not as bad as I make it sound ^^^^^. The mix is ok just a little mis-place emphases on the wrong parts. Do not feel bad I do it all the time and most of the people here. My best suggestion for you is to mix at lower levels and then use compression and limiting to bring the track volume perceived and not perceived up as a whole, and or put a master limiter on and mix louder. Also remember, the less stuff playing the more room a track will have, this will make them sound louder and many times actually be louder. It is important to compensate for this.
    A good example to understand what I am talking about would be. Take a track with a lot oh highs and no low end. Play it with a sine wave barely audible like 20hz, you should notice the track with the highs got quieter. I'm not entirely sure why this happens but it does.
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    Good track man, theres some lovely elements all in play here.
    My main critique would be theres not enough emphasis on phrasing, it just rolls without much definition. We, as listeners, are used to rises and falls in volume, most producers usually use some sore of FX or reverse reverb to signify the next incoming phrase of a song.
    Not to downgrade what youve done at all, I think it works great, but I think that one element is missing.