Math Head 12" (aaron spectre, drop the lime)

Math Head- The most lethal dance 12"
Remixes by Aaron Spectre & Drop The Lime

Breakcore, No-core, Rave, Mashed-up, etc..

Oh, how exquisite an example of how what you don’t know can pummel you! A delicious light-speed roller coaster debut from N.Y.C.’s crispiest psycho-wonder. Set to maintain and make sure that Brooklyn keeps getting it’s just props, Mr.Deitz drops a carpet bombing run of fierce digital HC-cum-ragga jungle and house, swinging to laid back and bubbling, all within beats... literally! Save ‘Fast and Hard’ for that irritating neighbour, housecleaning, backyard picnics and the like; then ‘Bonafide Killa’ for the dance-floor adventurous wishing to end it all, with the smile on their faces the only thing that remains.

The 12” vinyl is armed with 3 tracks, and also with a ‘Bonafide Killa’ remix by Aaron Spectre, a! nd a MEGAMIX by Drop The Lime; whereas the CD version contains not only all the vinyl tracks, but two bon(e)us crusha Math Head tracks, and also homeboy Mad EP’s mix for ‘Fast and Hard’

Tracklisting (All clips are pre mastered)

Side A
A1. Dying For the Night (3:24)
A2. Bonafide Killa (5:50)
A3. Fast & Hard (3:06)

Side B
B1. Bonafide Killa - Aaron Spectre mix (5:36)
B2. Drop The Lime - MEGAMIX (8:20)

Mastered @ Manmade Mastering

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