Masu - Seabirds


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hey man. pianos are cool, and the melody, nice.

but its too slow, this tempo is closer to breaks than dnb.

modern dnb, only sounds right because its written between around 168-178 BPM. so move you tempo up and see if it sounsd any better. secondly. your dnb theory needs work on, doesnt sound like you have involved ANY EQing, *let alone compression and other techniques.* spend some time working on your dnb elements, the musical stuff will always be there, but you need technique to achieve a good dnb sound first. the beat sounds very flat and lifeless atm, compare it to who you want to sound like and see how you can get it sounding more similar. hope this helps!

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hmm it seems you have actualy written your other tracks at dnb tempos !! my apologies