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Apr 3, 2009

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MMR004: Dexcell - Believe + Remixes: Coming Soon!!

In an age where everyone is boasting about how many YouTube views their tracks get, Dexcell can calmly put their hands up to achieving more than most. Their cheeky bootleg of Ellie Goulding's 'Starry Eyed' garnered over 3,500,000 views in the last year and has seen the Hertfordshire based trio receive a massive amount of attention from fans and the industry alike.

Sticking to their drum & bass roots, the boys decided to opt for an exclusive deal with one of the scene's most hotly tipped labels, Mastermind Records, who'll be developing Dexcell in the run up to their debut album.

'Believe' featuring Tamar Nicole is Dexcell's first official single on the label, and with its soaring vocals and euphoric synth lines this is clearly going to be a great introduction to what these producers can do.

Backed with a full set of remixes including a smooth 140bpm mix from Dexcell themselves, a bouncy electro house remix from In-Tek and a filthy dubstep rework from Rockso, this single is sure to put Dexcell on the dance music map.

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