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    I know the drum and bass heads are pretty technically savvy and therefore this will not apply to everyone. I would however like to introduce my high end mastering services. I offer free mastering previews (Time Permitting). Small D n B labels need to keep costs low but still ensure their output quality is high and consistent.

    My name is Barry Gardner I have been sound engineering professionally for 15 years and was head of engineering (before voluntarily leaving) at one of the UK's largest media production companies. I have been producing my own music since 1991 and grew up with the hardcore, Jungle and DnB scenes. I have many label clients and plenty of independent musicians and bands too.

    Gear list:

    Custom modified ADC/DAC 120dB dynamic range (audiophile opamps in / out)
    PMC (Professional Monitor Company) IB1S monitors (10 inch drivers, down to 25Hz)
    Dynaudio Acoustics BM6P monitors
    MANLEY Massive Passive (Hardware not plug in)
    Summit Audio DCL-200 high end valve compressor.
    HCL VARIS Vari Mu valve compressor
    TC Electronic 2240HS 4 band modified parametric analogue equalizer.
    Custom built, stereo ganged, stepped switched, EQ (based on Sontec circuit design)
    SADiE and Nuendo DAW's
    250 Watts RMS per channel Modified MOSFET power amplifier.
    Lots of high quality DSP.
    Fully acoustically treated room with massive bass trapping.

    Here are some mastering examples:

    By all means send your track through for a no obligation free preview(Time permitting), you might save some money by trying me out.

    cheers and all the best with your music making and label activities.

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