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Jan 16, 2010
Sup ya'll,

I'm wondering if you guys have any experience concerning taking your tracks to a professional mastering studio.

I want to master a track that i'm working on (maybe some other songs too).

I know that if you get picked up by a label, they will master your track for you BUT since i'm more into remixing it's often prohibited to release a remix if you don't have consent to release it.

Maybe you guys can tell me what master studio you recommend? Pro's and Conc, prizes, location etc.



Mar 1, 2011
Birmingham are good too. Always better to have it mastered by someone else because if you've produced a track from start to finish, you probably have a biased view of it. Fresh ears = win.

It's a technical process so there's no point trying to wing it, unless you literally want to play a track out once or twice and that's it. Get your mixdown nice then send it to someone, I'm sure any of the above are great, I've used PureFocus and they do a great job for pennies.


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Mar 28, 2009
Macc is very popular in the DNB field it seems, everywhere I read I read his name.. big up Macc!

I also run an online mastering house, if you want to take a look : / subsequentstudio at hot mail dot com
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