Mastering Sets


DJ Laize
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Oct 25, 2006
Hello couple of questions for you all:

1. Do you master your sets?:confused:

2. Which programs do you use?:confused:

3. What do you recommend?:confused:

4. What software is best value for money?:confused:


I use wavepad, and always to test recordings to check quality/levels etc.

Then when it's finished i tend to normalize it & if it's quiet, amplify it slightly.

Always keep a 320 copy for burning to CD's as well.

Download the wavepad trial free here.
Why compress a WAV to 320 mp3 to stick on a CD when you can burn an uncompressed WAV to CD?

I know WAV mixes aren't practical to upload to the internet because of the size but if you are just burning it to CD then the original WAV file will be the best possible quality.
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