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Whoa.....That intro is utter filth! I can tell this is gonna be a belter straight away!

I struggle with this genre if I'm honest, IMO it always sounds like there's too much going on, and I find it difficult to focus on any one part of the track. This isnt aimed at your track, just the genre overall! That being said, I can really appreciate the time and effort that must go into a production like this! And although I dont dig this style, I can tell you got skills!
Needs to be cleared out more, sounds quite muddy and the mix needs to be worked.

I made this tune in less than 30 minutes :D (Like every other my tune) .Actually I Dont have any proper hardware yet so I dont even bother to do something very pure,deep.....I use Fl studio and some "Ordi" computer from "99 -Vidual should Know what is Ordi:D --- proper fck up ... and speakers are soo baad :D that proper mixdown or even EQ´ing is quite hard to make.
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