MASHley & Bullet live on Disfunktional tonight (WEDS)

Yorkshire Tony

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Jun 30, 2008
Barmby on the Marsh, United Kingdom
Tune into Disfunktional tonight to check out DnB from MASHley & DJ Bullet - (LeonBlue due to start his show from next Wednesday too)......... Remember to get in chat for live requests and shoutouts

6-7pm - LeonBlue (Drum & Bass)
7-8pm - MASHley (Liquid Drum & Bass)
8-9pm - Ricky Mancini (Techno, Electro & Hard House)
9-10pm - Pokerback (Techno, Electro & Tech House)
10-11pm - DJ Bullet (Drum & Bass)
11-12pm - LDM (Hard Bounce)
Get locked crew (y) Wellsy seems to be playing the entire DAT Music album on Soul:r at the moment, big things :D
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