Mash up mix! ( strictly no jump up)

This hopefully has something for everyone in it! I apologize for the EQs but my mixers EQs and input faders are completely fucked so I pretty much have to leave them where they are and as you know this makes it much harder to keep your mixes clean coz i cant really reduce the highs or the bass and if i do then they sometimes cut out completely as you will hear on the last mix!
All of those excuses aside I still really wanna post a mix for people to comment, I had to do this mix like three times in a row coz it kept cutting out and going crazy and was so close to smashing my whole set up to pieces. Please dont let that put you off tho i would really appreciate your comments, especially critisism!


wicked so- hazard
Rock it- Sub focus
contact- noisia
dirty cash- sub focus remix
desire- contour
salvation- logisitics
metal flange VIP- lomax
aztec- spor
four points- spectrasoul
antique antic- martsman
facade VIP- noisia
dunno the name?- camo & krooked
>>>wide lense- logistics
gold rush- danny byrd