MarX feat Rekwest - Hellraiser - Ten Tons Deeper 27.7.16


Ten Ton Beats
After a short break from download stores the Ten Ton brand returns with an astonishingly solid release from Ten Tons Deeper. Exclusive signing Marx has returned to unleash some deep dark roller vibes alongside two of his mates none other than Samy Nicks & Rekwest.

Both tracks on this release fit well into a number of different sets first off the lead track Rush Hour which features Samy Nicks is one of those head turner tracks, you know the one when you’re in the rave and you decide that you’re going to head off to the smoking area, and then the DJ drops THAT tune that has running back to the dance floor, hollering the generic Boh’s & seeeelector.

Deep dark and moody Rush hour evokes the kind of tribal instinct hidden deep within all of us, once your tribal instincts have surfaced there is only one thing to do and that is to skank, and skank hard, what a banger!.

The term double a side is often used to make a single sound better than it is, normally there is a track that leads the way and a track that backs it up. In this instance double a side is the only way this single can be described especially once you have heard MarX’s co lab with Rekwest, lots of NASA type space chatter guides through the intro towards an almighty drop, addictive bass pattern, with solid drums and next level percussion utilisation all come together beautifully. Nice little synth stabs here and there to keep your ears from getting bored.

As I stated earlier both tracks sit well in a variety of sets from Hellraiser’s ability to sit nicely in a jump up set to Rush Hour which could be dropped in a liquid set. MarX has put together something truly special to wet your appetites ahead of Ten Ton Beats 5 years, and 50 releases anniversary LP.

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