DnB Marvel ft Mc Mush - Transformations [DEEP TUNE] if you dig Virus, Metalheadz, Shogun.

James Marvel

Feb 25, 2012
Marvel in collaboration with Mc Mush, one of Belgium's finest drum&bass lyrical messengers!

A deep and heavy roller, wrapped in old virus-style atmospheres guided by MC Mush's unique flow along the drop and the first segments of the tune.
After finishing off his rhymes, the tune stumps into a gliding bass pattern supported by deep sub stabs that lift up the dancefloor. The syncopated stab pattern is isued to install a dryer second drop and some variations on the theme towards the end of the tune.

Are you looking for salvation, You'll find eternity in reincarnation, Lose yourself in meditation, until it's too late to stop the transformation

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